Washington D.C. 2015 ♡ Chanel in a Nutshell

Hello! ♥ I hope you are having a wonderful day! Sooooooo, I went to D.C. the other day with some classmates and I took a lot of pictures, and I thought that I’d show you all! I’m glad that I can post pictures now! My camera is not the best quality in the worst quality in the world, but it is good enough to post here. Enjoy! :)

IMG_6453 IMG_6454

Some pretty street art I saw on the way there // I HATE spiders! This tarantula is HUGE!

IMG_6458 IMG_6459

Some dried-up dead dude (or dudette (:) // dinosaur

IMG_6463 IMG_6464

Beautiful Art

IMG_6475 IMG_6476

One of my favorite parts! I love gemstones/rocks!

IMG_6480 IMG_6481

Pt. 2

IMG_6487 IMG_6498

Pt. 3 // Hope Diamond!

IMG_6501 IMG_6507

This elephant was really cool! // I really like this picture I took of my friend Hannah, on the right is another one of my friends.

IMG_6515 IMG_6516

We saw a guy riding a horse on our way to one of the memorials! // Frozen Ice Cups & Friends (This is my favorite picture that I took) :)

IMG_6520 IMG_6522

The National Mall // The Lincoln Memorial

IMG_6528 IMG_6534

The Washington Memorial // The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

IMG_6535 IMG_6536

The water was very pretty // I enjoyed Diet Coke on the coach bus :)

I hope you all liked this post!

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