June Favorites 2015 ♡ Chanel in a Nutshell

Good morning/afternoon/evening! Today I’m going to be sharing with you all of my favorite things for the month of June. This is my first monthly favorites post. I’m not sure if I’m going to be doing these kinds of posts every month.

F A S H I O N 

IMG_1515  IMG_1507

This is a Ci Sono Cropped denim-vested hoodie. I’m in love with this hoodie! When it gets chilly I like to wear this jacket and it keeps me warm without feeling like I’m being grilled. I also like to wear this jacket when a restaurant or a movie theater is cold. I got this jacket from TJ Maxx, but I found it on eBay!


IMG_1513  IMG_1514

I’ve been wearing these shoes everywhere throughout the month. They are from the brand MIA and they are the Gabi Gladiator Sandals. They are super chic and very comfortable. I could walk around in these shoes for day and still be comfortable. I’ve had these for about a year now, and they are still in amazing condition. I bought these at Nordstrom Rack.



These are two bracelets that I’ve been loving! The black one is a BCBGeneration bracelet. This is so so cute and the little charms on it can be rearranged. It’s very versatile and super cute! This style is called “Girly” but I only found the “Foodie” one, sorry!




I’ve been loving the Philosophy lip gloss in the flavor “Sugar Sprinkles.” I’ve always loved lip gloss, and this month I’ve been wearing this one a lot. It’s not very glittery which I like and stays on for a long time. I got mine at Nordstrom. I’ve also been loving the Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. The one in the picture above is my second one. I tried it a few months ago and loved it. It keeps your face very moisturized throughout the day, and my skin has been getting better from using this and a few other products. I can do a skin care routine if you would like. :)




These are two products that I’ve been using daily. The first product is Calvin Klein Eau de Parfum. I love this scent! I think it’s kind of musky and sweet at the same time. The only thing about this is that it is a pretty strong scent so you should only spray a little bit so it’s not overwhelming. The next product is the Sure Women Crystal Clear Deodorant in the scent Pure. This deodorant lasts for so long, so your underarms will be fresh-smelling all day. I like aerosol deodorants better than sticks or roll on deodorants because most that say “Anit-White Mark” are telling a lie. This works so well and I’m definitely going to be using this for a while.




My next favorite are these two Sally Hanson nail polishes. The one on the left is a gel nail polish and the one on the right is a regular nail polish. One of my favorite colors is Pink, and I love pink nails. In the month of June I’ve been switching between these two colors the most. They’re so pretty and go on very smoothly. The gel nail polish only requires one coat which I love, but the one on the right requires at least two coats if you want the color to be solid. I don’t mind that as much though. The gel nail polish is in the shade “Shock Wave,” and the regular one is in the shade “Water Color.” The gel nail polish was kind of pricey, but it’s worth it!




My favorite two hand sanitizers in the month of June were Bath & Body Works’ Stress Relief and Island Margarita. I’m so so so sorry but these aren’t available at Bath and Body Works anymore, but you can find a link for the scent section below. Anyway, I always have hand santizers with me wherever I go, because I like to stay clean. I am not a germaphobe, but I do get bothered when my hands aren’t clean. These are both amazing scents!




Those are all of my favorites for the month of June 2015! I hope you liked this post and was able to find some products that you might want to try!

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3 thoughts on “June Favorites 2015 ♡ Chanel in a Nutshell

  1. Jasmie,
    I also published my June Favorites post today! Look at us go, haha.
    I really love the sandals you pictured from Nordstrom Rack and I’m super bummed that they’re sold out. :(
    Is the deodorant you included also an antiperspirant, or just a deodorant? I’m always down to try something new like that, but I spend a lot of my time in a hot restaurant working or on the lake, so I need something that will do both for me!

    Can’t wait for your next post!


    • Prepster,
      The deodorant is an anti perspirant! Which is great! I’m doing sports this year, so I also need something to keep me smelling fresh all day. I read your June Favorites and loved it! I’ll be sure to leave a comment.
      XOXO, Jasmine (CIAN)


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