What’s in my Purse ♡ CIAN ♡ Collab with Style with Smiles

What's in my Purse

Hello everyone! I’m so excited for today’s post because it is a collab with one of my newest friends, Maddy from Style With Smiles! Today, we are both doing a what’s in my purse post. You all should definitely go check out Maddy’s What’s in my Purse and her blog. She has amazing posts and if you like my blog, then you will love hers. Let’s get started!

purse-shot-1  purse-detailing

This is a London Fog bag that I got for my birthday from my twin sisters. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a link to where you could purchase it. :( Anyway, it’s an off-white colored crossbody bag with snakeskin detailing on the bottom that I just adore. It’s also got a gorgeous gold magnetic buckle in the middle that looks as if it is a keyhole.


The first thing I like to keep in my purse is my wallet. This is probably the most essential thing to keep in your purse. In here I keep money, change, a Starbucks gift card, a Barnes and Noble gift card, my student ID, etc.

I got this from Target, but it’s no longer available on their site. :( It’s called the Merona Hinge Triangle Print Wallet


The next thing I keep in my purse is my sunglasses. Lately it hasn’t been too sunny, but I never know! Once in a blue moon, it’ll be sunny and I can just have them to put on. I got these from Saks Fifth Avenue when I was in New York.


The third thing I keep in my purse is my EOS lip balm. This one is in the flavor Blueberry Acai, and I just love it. It smells amazing and never fails to keep my lips moisturized. A lip balm is important to have for me because cold weather makes my lips excessively dry.


 Going along with dry lips during cold weather, I also get super dry skin when it starts getting chilly. This is why I like to keep a lotion in my bag. This one I got from a random hotel and it’s scentless. I’d love to keep a Bath and Body Works lotion in here, but the ones I have are too strong and you never know if people will get bothered by it.


Following that, I like to keep a hand sanitizer in my purse. They call it the cold season for a reason. People are beginning to get coughs and the sniffles and all kinds of other sicknesses , so I make sure to constantly be washing my hands. But since I can’t always do that, an alternative is hand sanitizer. This one is in the scent Warm Vanilla Sugar. And yes, I have yet to get to Bath and Body Works to get their fancy new handy sanitizers.

mary-kay-lip-gloss-1  mary-kay-lip-gloss-2

This next item that I keep inside of my purse is a lip gloss. I always keep some sort of lip gloss that I’m using in my purse. This is the Mary Kay Sugarberry Lip Gloss. (SIMILAR) This is a shimmery, purple toned lip gloss that is absolutely gorgeous. I love the color and it’s great for this season.


The last thing I like to keep in my purse is a pack of gum. This is the Trident Cinnamon flavored gum. I know a lot of people don’t like cinnamon gum, but I love it! I am trying to cut down on my gum-chewing habits, but if I need a piece of gum, or if someone else does, I have it in my purse.


I hope you liked this post! Be sure to check out Maddy’s post on what’s in her bag, along with her blog.

What is something you like to keep in your purse? 

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P.S. I hope everyone here on the northern side of the U.S. is staying safe! Last night we got a ton of snow and there is still snow pouring down as I type. Today, my family and I are just staying inside, baking, and keeping warm. I’m spending a majority of my day writing a DBQ for Honors U.S. History and studying for a Conceptual Physics final, whoopee! I’ve already had three mugs of green tea, and it’s only 3:00 PM, oops! Again, I hope all of you are safe and warm!



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