Easter Sunday OOTD ♡ Chanel in a Nutshell



Disclaimer: If you are not religious, please do not send me any mean comments. This is simply what I believe. I respect you if you do not believe in God, so please respect me because I do.

Hello beautiful people and Happy Easter! I hope all of you are having an amazing day! Easter is one of my favorite holidays. No, not because of the Easter bunny, but because of the fact that Jesus rose from the grave! In my family we do not dye Easter eggs, buy chocolate, or do Easter egg hunts. I think that it’s so important to remember that Easter is not about the Easter bunny or candy. This was the day that all of the people who believed Jesus was a fraud were wrong. Jesus is so real and so good. I urge you to find him if you haven’t yet.

I am so thankful for the things the Lord has done for me and today really gave me a chance to count my blessings and thank God for all he has provided for me. I have an amazing, loving, supportive family, we are not suffering, there is a beautiful roof over our heads,  and we have clothes on our back. I will forever be thankful that God has blessed me with such an amazing life.

My family and I went to church yesterday for their Easter presentation and it was simply amazing. The play was so wonderful. All of the actors did an amazing job and the people behind the curtain did an amazing job as well. I most certainly was mesmerized by the beautiful lights and effects.

They did a play about Easter and Jesus and showed how even though he was nailed to a cross and dying, he was still loving. He told God to forgive those who were doing him wrong, for they did not know what they were doing. Jesus teaches us that even though life may get hard sometimes, you still need to remember to be thankful and loving at all times.

Happy Easter, loves! Have a good one!

Dress – Ivanka Trump

Shoes – Kenneth Cole The Reaction

What are you doing this Easter?




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