Tea Time #5

Hello everyone, and Happy Sunday! I’m so sorry that I didn’t get to post on Wednesday. As usual, school has been crazy, with the holidays coming up. Also, I really want to take pictures, but the weather has been horrible. I was going to take some pictures yesterday, but there is this huge wind storm going on. It was so bad yesterday, that all of the power in my city went out for like nine hours. So annoying. I can’t take pictures of my outfits when it’s so windy that I will blow away. Also, since the days are getting shorter, I don’t always have time to take pictures before 4:30 PM(sundown).

I’m going to try and get a Thanksgiving outfit idea up by Tuesday or Wednesday, for all of you who may be getting yourselves together for Thanksgiving at the last minute. As I told you all in my last tea time post, this week has indeed been hell week, and next week will be as well. I was hit with a quiz in Geometry after two days of learning the topic, which was literally psychotic, but shawty got a 19/20, so it was fine in the end. The day before the quiz I literally had to sit at the table and study for four hours straight o finally understand what was going on. Then my teacher announced a Unit test the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and a project that he will be assigning over Thanksgiving break. Not a fan. Then my biology teacher announced a test on Tuesday of this week. Great! I also have a government project due on Monday.

I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to get all of my work done, and stay motivated during the holidays. I’m going to try and post as much as I can this next coming week.The thumbnail of this post is a sneak peak of another post that’s coming soon. I think you all will really like it. I am spending the entirety of today to study for biology and pre-write a ton of posts.

Though I’ve gotten some seasonal posts up, I haven’t gotten to post too many holiday posts. I have a ton of exciting posts coming in December for the Christmas time, so be excited for those. And yes, I will get another outfit post up ASAP!


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