Tea Time #6

Hello world and happy Sunday. I do not want to start off this post with excuses. The only reason you all haven’t seen fashion posts as frequently as before is that my camera is broken. If you have seen my post called “A Little Update,’ you would already know about this. I have tried doing some posts on my iPhone, but never liked the way they turned out, so I didn’t post them. The post called “White Ruffle Bodycon” was taken on my iPhone and I actually really liked how the pictures turned out so I used them. I believe in quality over quantity, so I will never post anything half-baked for you all. If I ever have good enough quality for an outfit post, you already know it’ll be up on my blog. I just decided today to let you know about what’s been going on with me.

So my second semester of school started on Monday the 31st. Two of my classes, Honors Government and Honors Orchestra remain the same. My first new class was Spanish II. I was a little apprehensive about Spanish II. I was supposed to have the teacher I had for Spanish I, but her and the other teacher switched classes. I’m so sad because I LOVED my Spanish I teacher. I am also in Spanish club with that teacher so I was so sad I got switched. The teacher I have now is super nice, but her class is a little harder and painfully boring. It’s okay though, it’s only for a semester and then next year I am reunited with my other teacher.

Every quarter/semester depending on a certain teacher, you change the time you have lunch. I have my group of my three best friends and they all are in C lunch and I am in A lunch. Perfect. But it’s okay, in the last quarter of school, I have C lunch, so I will be with my friends eventually. My next class is gym. Usually I absolutely hate gym class, but I actually love mine! Our three units are volleyball, badminton, and archery. I’m a volleyball player and I love badminton! I’ve never done archery before, but people who have already taken gym class have told me that it’s really fun. We also go bowling four times a quarter, which is so fun. We went on Thursday and it was a really enthralling time, I enjoyed myself a lot. I also have three friends in the class. We’re not super close, but close enough for me not to be alone in class.

My last new class is Honors Chemistry II. The only thing I enjoy about that class is the subject and the teacher. My teacher is so cute and so sweet and super kind. I also really love chemistry. I have absolutely no friends in the class though… My teacher gives us assigned seats, but lets us sit wherever we want to do our busy work and I sit alone. There are two other guys and a girl that usually sit with me and the two guys will eventually join me after like ten minutes and one of their friends will sit in the last seat. Most of the time they talk to me, but we’re not like friendsyou know? Like not even walk to class together in the hallway level or Snapchat streak level or even wave to each other in the hallway. It’s okay, but I’ll make the best out of it. If I didn’t like the class or my teacher, then I would be completely miserable. I also really like my teacher’s teaching style. She puts videos online where we take notes and then in class that is where we do labs and classwork and can actually ask for help. She calls it “flipped classroom.” She also gave us a calendar of the month of all of the lesson plans and homework and quizzes and tests so that we can go at our own pace. I don’t know why but it gives me kind of a college-like vibe and I’m feeling it.

I would have to say that my least favorite class is Spanish. I’m surrounded by freshman, it’s soooooo boring, and harder than it should be. I haven’t had a boring class since the first semester of my freshman year, and that was Foundations of Technology. I’ll be fine, though and stay positive and make the best out of all situations.

So far my assignments for chemistry are to finish a lab report for a lab we did on Friday and finish some worksheets. For Spanish I have to define some verbs and prepare for a project she assigned. Yes, my teacher is already assigning a project. Unbelievable. Right now it’s Sunday afternoon and I am finishing up this post so I can get it up, but afterwards I’m going to plan out my week so that I am aware of everything that is going on. Next, I’m going to do all of my work.

Well, that’s basically what has happened last week and a little bit of what I’m doing today. I personally really like to read about what other people’s experiences in school are like and about their assignments and classes and such. I’m not sure why I just find it interesting. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your Sunday and an amazing week!





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