Tea Time #7 || Chanel in a Nutshell

Hello, everyone and happy Wednesday! I haven’t done a tea time post in a while so I decided to write one today and update you on what is going on in my life. This was supposed to go up on Sunday but I didn’t finish telling you all everything that I wanted to. So, in my last Tea Time post, I told you all about my new classes for this semester when I just started them. I’ll give you a little update on how I’m feeling about each of my new classes, on life and how i’m feeling in general, and just some random things that I want to tell you about. I hope you enjoy!

I’ll start of with Spanish II. I still feel pretty much the same about Spanish class. I’m still surrounded by freshman and the class is still suuuuuuuper boring. My teacher is kind and does a good job with teaching and all, but I don’t feel all that connected with her I’ve never had a problem with her or even gotten yelled at or anything, I just don’t mesh with her or feel comfortable enough to have deep, passionate conversation with her. I get along with all of my teachers really, really well. My English teacher from last semester, so far is my absolute favorite teacher that I’ve had in high school. I know this is only my second year of high school, but I absolutely loved him. In that class we read and wrote a lot of great things and we talked about deep topics and issues and had really important, passionate conversations in that class.That is definitely the class that I miss the most. Anyway, that class also moves pretty quickly for a class that is supposed to be regularly paced. Two foreign language classes are required and you do not have the option to do honors for levels one and two in my school. I can keep up and I have an A in the class and all, I just feel it’s a little too fast paced for a regular class. But, I’ve been trying to tell myself that I love Spanish class so that I don’t dread going to it every single day for the rest of this school year and so that I am more excited and happy when i’m in that class.

I never thought that I would say this, but I actually love gym class. We finished our badminton and volleyball units already and we are doing archery right now. I am not very good at archery naturally, but I think it’s fun and that the more that I do it in class the better I will get. I don’t really know where my skill level is, it’;s pretty inconsistent. Sometimes I’ll shoot in the middle, sometimes i’ll shoot at the outside lines. Hmmmm. We also go to the local bowling alley every other Thursday, which is amazing. I love bowling and the food that they have at our bowling alley is bombTheir curly fries are my favorite thing.  I don’t really have much to say about gym class other than that. Complete opposite about that argumentative essay that I wrote about Spanish class, lmao.

Chem II has gotten sooooo much better. The class has definitely picked up speed and it’s getting harder. When I wrote my last Tea Time, we were in our safety and review (from chem I) unit, so it was pretty easy and going by at a constant, steady speed. Not too much work, but not too little at the same time. Now we are onto unit two and it definitely was a faster pace than the first unit. I had my unit test for Unit 1 on February 28th and we are taking our unit test for Unit 2 this Friday. Wiiiild, right?!

So, that’s pretty much the update on school. Tuesday was a snow day and I stayed home and finished writing this post and caught up on schoolwork. I was supposed to have an orchestra concert that day, but we got snowed in, so I’m not sure when that’s supposed to be rescheduled. I’ve recently been really obsessed with Kim Thai on YouTube. I’ve recently subscribed to her, and I love her! She uploads weekly vlogs and they’re so long and so so amazing. Kim is such a kind soul and a sweetheart and I’ve been binge-watching her so much lately. I really recommend you all check out her channel. I also have been obsessed with Rae Sremmurd. If you haven’t listened to their music before, get your butt onto you Spotify account (or whatever music service you use) and listen to their latest album SremmLife 2. It’s so so so lit (I know, I know. The word lit” is so cringey) and it’s almost all I’ve been listening to.

I really want to do a favorites or things I’ve been loving post because there are a few things I want to tell you all about that I’ve been loving for a while, not even just this month. I’m having a two-hour delay Wednesday morning (when you all are reading this), so I think i’m going to make myself a nice breakfast. I wake up at a good time but I never have enough time to have a quality breakfast. I usually eat a cinnamon-raisin bagel and then take my green tea (with almond milk and some honey) in a travel mug to-go with me. I really want to make some waffles, so hopefully I have enough time to do that.

I hope you all enjoyed this Tea Time post, I always love updating you guys on my life! Feel free to tell me about what’s going on in your life in the comment section.







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