Tea Time #8

Hello, everyone and Happy Monday! Last week was pretty messy. I really like doing these little update posts every other week, rather than every week. I am really only able to post once a week, and I know you all want to see things other than what’s going on in my life. Anyway, please make sure to vote on the poll at the very bottom of this post so I know what you want to see next from me! Enjoy!

So, I woke up on Monday morning feeling disgustingThat Sunday I woke up feeling a little congested and started taking some cold-symptom medicine, but, oh mama, it did NOT help at all. My throat hurt so bad and my nose was very congested. I got ready in twenty minutes, pulled a no-makeup Monday, and went on with my day. Before heading to school I took a couple Airbornes, a vitamin c, and took some Dayquil. As the day progressed, I felt a little better, because I was more awake, but I still felt pretty sick. Tuesday was about the same, but I did feel a little worse. I lost my voice a little bit and I was so, so tiredI went home and took a nap from 3 to 6:30. Wednesday was the absolute worst day of the week, I completely lost my voice, my throat felt so swollen and irritated, my nose was blocked and runny, I had a terrible cough, I had a 99.9 degree fever, and it was just a gross day.

I went on a field trip two fridays ago and another one last tuesday. I also had this orchestra assessment two thursdays ago, but I only missed Spanish class for that. Missing three days of Spanish class is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I literally missed two quizzes, a project, and five sets of notes. I am making up the last quiz tomorrow, but I am so stressed about that. When I lost my voice on Wednesday, my teacher didn’t care and had called in me at least three times to speak Spanish. I could barely talk and was wondering if her calling on me all those times was some sort of sick joke. I also had a Spanish test on Monday and Tuesday. (We’ve discussed this, but in case you don’t know my teacher does, speaking, reading, and writing tests, and spreads it out over two days). There were topics I had to learn myself, and it was not a good time at all, I learn best in class, with the teacher teaching it to me. It’s Sunday as I’m typing this and I still haven’t completely mastered everything that I needed to for the test tomorrow and Tuesday, pray for me. The only other classes I missed were gym and chem II, and I only had to make up a quiz in chem, so that was chill.

I started feeling better on Friday, and my voice only completely came back today (Sunday). I still have a little bit of a cough and a blocked, runny nose, but my throat doesn’t hurt anymore, and my voice is back. I was super consistent on working out two weeks ago, but ever since Sunday when I started feeling so sick, I haven’t exercised once, unless you count gym class. This week, I’m super determined and motivated so start working out again since I feel so much better.

The last quarter of the school year starts on Wednesday, and I am so ready for a fresh start. I love change, and clean slates, so I am just so excited. I’m so ready to bounce back this week too, since I was feeling so bad all of last week. I wore makeup once that wee, in attempt to feel a little better, but it didn’t really work. Not that I feel that I need makeup or anything, I just feel a little more put together, you know? I’m so ready to be productive and feel a lot better, and work out consistently, and everything. It’s going to be a beautiful week full of new beginnings, light, and love.

Last week we took an L, but this week we bounce back, just as Big Sean said (he said last night and tonight, but you’re picking up what I’m putting down). I hope you enjoyed this post, and you have an amazing rest of your day/week! If you had a bad week last week like me, this is your week. I believe in you. Please don’t forget about the poll at the bottom!




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